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System, OS, Networks and Storage

When troubleshooting DHCP there are a number of useful tools that you can use to manage and troubleshoot. Which of the following commands displays all of your installed network interface card details, including DHCP addresses and which DHCP server supplied them? *

Which of the following is not a valid ‘File System’ in Windows 10? *

Which statement below best describes what an IP Address is? *

Which tool in Windows 10 can not be used for Data Recovery? *

You are an IT Engineer working as a consultant for SafeComs. An incident has been logged to the IT Help Desk requesting assistance to resolve an issue where no one in the company can print documents. What should your next steps be? (Select all the apply) *

A customer has contacted the IT Help Desk advising they have received a suspicious email and IT assistance is required. What should you NOT advise the customer to do next? *

Which answer best describes a Firewall? *

Email - What does SMTP stand for? *

Networks - What best describes a VLAN? *

Email - What protocol is not used for mail delivery? *

The IT Manager is concerned about IT security on the company website. Particularly customer credit card numbers, usernames, passwords and other sensitive information. What should you advise? *

What are the two modes of operations for IPSec? *

Group Policy - The command 'Get-GPO' what does it do? *

Group Policy - Why would you use the command gpresult? *

What is the name of the cloud web service AWS uses to provide secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud? *

When using robocopy to do file replication, what does the /PURGE switch do? *

Networks - What statement best describes the SSH protocol? *

SQL Server - From the list below which authentication mode does Microsoft recommend is most secure? *

Networks - What accurately describes an Access Point (AP) in relation to Wireless LANs? *

Arithmetic and Logic

0.011 ÷ 100 = *

Increase 5 by 40% *

What is 30% of 800 *

Bob can type 25 words per minute. If it takes him a 15 minutes to type a document, about how many words are in the document?

Jim ran a race in 3.2 minutes. Taylor ran the same race in 142 seconds. What is the difference between these two times? *