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Presentation of the PDPA compliance method proposed by Safecoms



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1. PDPA Process Review & Technical Compliance

3. Who is going to be involved IT Systems & Security Legal Finance Management 3

13. Your contacts for PDPA 13 • [email protected] com • b [email protected]

5. Issues Rights of Data Subject Secure Process Protection by Design 5

9. Design the Solution Pre - Audit Inter view Policy Training Te s t 9

8. Compliance Process Data Map Identify Threat Secure Storage Secure Apps Monitor 8

10. Implementation - execution Reliable systems email end point encrypt RMM Monitor 10

7. Threats External Cyber Criminal Internal Employee contractor ID Theft Ransom Soft Hack Accidental Deliberate 7

12. Free for attendance today Survey PDPA awareness Available for all Staff Online Training Security awareness Phishing Certification 12

6. Challenges Management support Understand PDPA Lack of Expertise Available Te c h n o l o g y Risks evaluation Data breach process 6

4. Preparedness Evaluate Risk App & DB privacy enabled Track down rogue record Integrate test 4 Secure storage Data Map Collection Process Build for Privacy Audit record Application Te s t Resilience

11. Safecoms - Total Control Pre - Audit Interview Gap analysis Compliance report Policy Security Privacy Collection O365 AT P Encrypt Storage End Point Antivirus USB lock or encrypt Full H Disk Encryption RMM Phone partitioning tablet Laptop Monitor ASSET List SW List Compliance 11

2. www.safecoms.com Technical Review Environment, Risks and Solutions Risks Collected Existing - stored Mechanism collect Conservation rules Data Management Encrypted? map of collection 3 rd party ? IT/email/BU Control Storage Process accepted Clear Purpose Rights to object, correct, delete Collection Understanding the environment Request procedure Risks with hackers Internal incidents Vulnerabilities Security policy Data privacy officer Data breach plan Staff awareness


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