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IT Manager, IT Consultant, VMWare Expert

You need an Expert now

You have a large project to start immediately and you are short in high profile staff, or a new department to reorganize. Unfortunately, the expertise required is very specific and missing from your team. Rest assured that SafeComs will maintain expertise available a few hours a week, or a few days a month, to engage with you in your IT consulting project or in setting up a new data center built around VMWare. 

Your IT staff need guidance? We will supply the structure, management model, and weekly reporting to ensure your company remains on target with IT support and IT security projects.

Almost every task can be outsourced in today’s workplace and outsourcing IT is no exception. SafeComs can take the load off your shoulders so your business can concentrate on your key functions while the critical IT tasks are managed by experts.
Pieter Coenen, CFO of Safecoms and adviser on the board on ERP and IT Security Expert

Key Benefits of IT Outsourcing in Thailand.

Flexibility, Expertise on tap and savings.

Benoit Beck, IT Manager at Safecoms, IT Outsourcing in Thailand

When you engage an IT Outsourcing Company, you are looking for expertise that you would normally not have at hand.

A good network specialist will need to be challenged in a fast and stimulating environment, otherwise, they will be bored in a support function.

You also want to reduce everyday risks with knowledge and appropriate concepts, along with IT Security policies, IT procedures, and IT best practices.

The key advantages to IT outsourcing is managing and reducing everyday risks, along with increased productivity, efficiency and focus for your business. For small and medium-sized businesses, being able to draw on external IT expertise also makes financial sense.

Outsourcing provides the opportunity to tap into our experts who are up-to-date with the latest systems, experienced with all setups, and continually monitoring and protecting your business.

Larger organizations may have more in-house capacity, but can still benefit from specialist IT advice and the SafeComs team has extensive experience working with a range of companies.

Expertise à la Carte

Outsource a Computer Security or IT Expert 

Pay as you go

Block hour as better resource management

IT Help Desk Staffing

Greater flexibility in times of Crisis

IT Staff and Help desk, IT Outsourcing for help desk support in Thailand

At SafeComs, our Engineers work closely with each client, and tailor services directly for you, so you get maximum value. We provide full or part-time end-user support, along with remote desktop management, email, file and web hosting, automatic security and system updates.

Our offices are equipped with the latest technology to monitor all our customers on one application, with immediate alerts of any potential incidents.

Often, we fix problems before companies are even aware of them.

SafeComs is a multicultural leading IT security and outsourcing firm in South East Asia, a hotspot for cybercrime. We have offices in Bangkok, Yangon and plans to open in Phnom Penh in the coming future.

Block hour Contract

Block hour Contract

Our block hour contract offers great flexibility with serious savings. When you purchase a block of hours, you guarantee the availability and dedication of specific resources and you get immediate priority over customers who would purchase hours only when needed.

You can rollover your non-used hours for the following period, as SafeComs ensures that your investment is protected.

IT Outsourcing in Thailand can be covered by block hour contract with great flexibility