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Total Control is our base offering for IT security and an important chain in our PDPA compliance monitoring.

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10. FOR YOUR BUSINESS [email protected] + 66 ( 0 ) 2 105 4520

1. SafeComs Network Security Consulting Co., Ltd. 36/31, P.S. Tower, 11 th Floor 21 Sukhumvit Road, Khet Wattana 10110, Bangkok, Thailand THE PREFERRED IT - SUPPORT PARTNER T RULY CAPABLE OF TAKING ALL CONCERN S AWAY

3. WE DELIVER UNBELIEVABLE, We pride ourselves on provid ing you with ‘IT that just works’. Our team of international talent and our state - of - the - art analytics tools identify and solve IT - concerns before others would notice they exist. Unlimited support included; both remote and on - site.

2. FIRSTLY FOR CONSIDERING US! A major incident never happens in isolation. It is the compounding of successive issues that will lead to a catastrophic failure whe n given time to propagate and escalate. A swift correction at the right time is usually all it takes to avoid an expensive recovery. With remote preemptive maintenance, this has become a possibility. It is an exciting time for SMEs, as the improved IT - su pport solutions offer incredible value. We proudly bring TOTAL CONTROL© to Bangkok, developed by SafeComs. Chief Executive Officer

5. WHY NORMAL IT - SUPPORT IS TROUBLE Achieving a fully patched, stable, secure network has tradi tionally been out of reach for SMEs. After all, when 80% of the work requires only ‘level one’ expertise, keeping highly competent engineers motivated is difficult. Monthly and weekly visit models will have you wating for days or weeks to solve a problem, racking up on opportunity costs. The engineer might be skilled for situations other than the one you need to solve. There is no accurate reporting on the status of your whole system. With the government handing out THB 500,000 worth of compensation to any staff member willing to blow the whistle, every company is at risk. One installation of a piece of torrented software is all it takes. Would you survive an audit today? Monthly and weekly visit models tend to apply ‘band - aid’ solutions to accumulative problems stacking up in your system. As a result, issues will continue to occur on a regular basis.

9. BOI accredited , based in Thailand 35 Employees S upport is available in both Thai and English Strategic consult available in Thai, English, Japanese, French, German, Dutch, Burmese and Italian Established in Australia 1999, Thailand 2005, Myanmar 2013 Clients in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos Focus on security and efficiency of processes through tailor made solutions Certifications: MICROSOFT, CISCO, SONICWALL, CYBERROAM, SHAREPOINT Audit security level for Bank of Thailand E - Com merce license Legalization audit for the Business Software Alliance (BSA) SharePoint analyst and solution development Odoo certified Partner AND THE ...

4. ABOUT US ... SO FAR SafeComs has quickly grown from an Australian organization to an international entity spanning Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. Our secret is having a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs . We leverage a team of international experts to deliver value beyo nd what is expected , resulting in a fantastic experience for our clients. We recognized that they would benefit more if we focused on preventing problems, rather than just fixing them. That is where we differentiate from our competitors – and why SafeComs is exciting. We exceed expectations by tackling problems pre - emptively and we offer free repairs for anything that slipped through. Because that is what any good IT - partner would do. Create VALUE Be HONEST CARE for each other Take OWNERSHIP Corporate values

7. FEATURES We are the only IT - provider who offers unlimited remote and on - site support as part of the fixed - fee package. Total Control is designed to completely replace other support models. We aim to become your trusted partner and we will always have your best interest in mind. Also, considering we use set month ly fees ( with unlimited fixes and on - site visits ) we need to make sure you run as smoothly as possible. After all, if you have a problem, we literally pay for it. A trouble - free environment requires supportable hardware and software. We can help you get set up. Our team works around t he clock to remotely optimize your system. Remote intervention is faster and handled by appropriately skilled international and Thai technicians. Support is currently available in Thai and English, with plans to expand in the future. Back - ups, anti - malware, sandbox environments and more. Know the exact state of your IT - infrastructure.

8. We prevent issues from happening in the first place, using a sophisticated set of tools and a rock - solid execution model. Respond after an issue has already become a problem and is affecting your operations. Issues get diagnosed the same working day . If we can’t solve it remotely with our sophisticated tools, we’ll send someone onsite right away for free . Contracted # of days per week/month. Issues sometimes go unresolved until the next time the engineer is onsite. You pay us an upfront, flat monthly fee, so you know exactly what your costs are. Since we incur our costs after the fact, we are incentivized to make sure you never have issues in the first place. Typically get paid only when something breaks or if th ere are enough issues/problems in the environment to warrant onsite staff. Not much incentive to keep things running smoothly. We align each of our customers’ environments to SafeComs and industry best practices . You have access to a deep pool of international expertise spanning from Tier I to Tier III engineers . Your environment is only as good as your designated engineer’s skillset. If that person gets sick or leaves, you may be left with an environment that nobody else is capable of support ing. HOW IT STANDS OUT Total Control support offers the best experience and value for SMEs in Bangkok and surroundings. Our team cares more about how your IT performs than the reward we get for organizing it. -

6. CASE STUDY KEEPS YOU TROUBLE - FREE SafeComs ’ mix of Tier - 1 to Tier - 3 (top) level engineers work from SafeComs’ office to improve your IT - infrastructure on a daily basis, using software that allows us to analyse and heal your system remotely (with your permission). Aside from optimizing your syste m s around the clock, we stand by for immediate support. Your staff can contact SafeComs directly through their computers. Because we have people standing by, we can fix things quickly. If it cannot be done remotely, we send an engineer to your office at no additional cost. Total Control is the only support model on the market right now that is this effec tive at keeping problems away, rather than just focusing on fixing them. You will see reduced downtime , IT - frustration will become a thing of the past and you can rest assured you are being looked after by the highest - level engineers. Total Control© is predictive to budget, as we charge for the prevention and offer fixes for free. That makes it an “all in clusive” support package . S ince we operate on a set fee per month basis, we are incentivized to make sure you have as few problems as possible. We are happy offer consult on IT strategy and help you source new components (again at no additional cost!), as we truly want to see you succeed. We can always find the best solution suited to your budget. No more concerns. No excessive costs. A trusted partner who is on your side. That is Total Control. There are. It is important your system is legitimate and operating on a relatively recent version of Windows / MacOS. If this is not the case, we can help you facilitate the transition . It is an important step in creating a consistently trouble - free environment. We will also propose specialized anti - virus software and back - up tools which seamlessly blend in with your Total Control experience.


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