Peppercan and Odoo - Best ERP  

to Manage your Business

Management System and full ERP

All in one system to Manage and Control your business

Easy to use

Information at your fingertips

Our ERP will let you run your business successfully within minutes. It is so easy to start controlling your sales team, record interaction with your clients, quotations, sales and it is all linked to accounting and inventory

What makes our ERP way better than any other competitor

Challenge us to deliver an outstanding demonstration to see:

  • Extremely user friendly and intuitive

  • Great Speed and response time for an online system

  • The beauty and simplicity of the User Interface

  • The large number of Modules available (420 & growing)

  • The integration of all the Applications and their interaction

  • The reporting tools and the amazing filters to analyse anything

  • Your new Customer interaction option based on our Portal

What makes our ERP better

undeniably better...

We speak your language

So easy to get all the menus in your own language, where each user chooses his own preference. No barrier to adoption as ease of use is our moto.

Great accounting, powerful dashboard.

Not only we will record accounting with your preferred chart of account, we will also give you dynamic reports, instant control over your cash flow, inventory, etc...

Monitor activities of your Sales People

Record each interaction with customer, manage your email within your ERP, no need to change email system to contact a client, keep the suite of exchange in your ERP

Quote and Invoice from your ERP

Get a quote online for your customers to approve or send them an email with the PDF in seconds. Invoice products or contracts and collect their signature on a tablet

Manage your projects

Using you favorite view, Kanban, calendar, pivot table, we supply information readily so you know who is on time and what still needs to be accomplished.  

Integrate your HR Critical Functions

Plan your people development and reviews with assessment forms, surveys and flow, and salary reviews. Approve online their Holiday requests, their expenses...

What makes our ERP Unique

undeniably better...

The Smooth integration of all Applications

Sell online and have your inventory levels immediately updated, all your purchase requirement updated, invoices are already in your accounting system, and so are the payments, etc...

The MRP module with capacity planning.

You have a production plan, capacity limitation, multiple suppliers in different countries with different lead time, our Just In Time system will plan your purchase and control the production efficiently...

Our Service module

Track your service team, respond to customer calls, have a control of spare parts in each vehicle, monitor mean time between breakdown, issue satisfaction reports instantly...

and so user-friendly...

The Customer portal

Your customers can access their portal to see their quotes, their tickets, invoices, contracts for renewal, and communicate with you directly. Everything centralized in one place for direct access.

Our Help Desk and ticketing system

Your customer can log in and place their support ticket online, you assign, monitor and manage your team and track each request + send an appreciation survey to keep in touch with your client happiness..  

The dynamic Web builder

Fabulous drag and drop websites built in no time. Creation of survey forms with the same ease. Plan your people development and reviews, approve online their Holiday requests, their expenses...

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See what you can do with Peppercan and Odoo

Follow up on your Sales and Prospecting activities

and keep track of your sales cycle

A great way to stay on top of all your contacts is to have them permanently under your nose... right on your screen. Our ERP will give you an overview of all your prospects keeping track of where they are in the sales cycle. You can opt for a list view or Calendar for follow up

A Rice Milling Operation in Laos - IDPL

Clients like IDPL have dramatically changed their control of the Rice Milling operations

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Keep track of your important tasks

and track your time for billing when needed

You can stay on top of your work and priorities easily by dragging your actions from phase to phase, mark those done or in progress, but most importantly, you can assign them to colleagues, keep track of their activities and automatically generate reports and invoices for your client.

Have a look at a few other videos

and see how easy these are to use

We have a large numbers of Applications that are now integrated in Peppercan and you simply need to contact us to schedule a demo and see how we could help you grow your business, and not your costs...


Odoo Accounting

Fully adapted to the complexities of Thai accounting, our Accounting program fully integrated in our ERP will collect information from all modules of the solution


Make invoicing simple

Collect information from each collaborator or engineer onsite and immediately produce report on his efficiency, billing time and report to the client on time spent on project.


Want to build a great website?    

Drag and Drop for your website or composition for mass emailing and campaign management, and produce a fully functional e-Commerce site with payment by Credit Card or Bit Coins

Accounting dashboards fully tailorable.

Web site builder in our ERP in Thailand and a beautiful Accounting dashboard

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