Industrial Internet of Things

Data and Automation

Increase data availability and accuracy to create actionable insights and automated actions.

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Industrial Internet of Things

The use of IIoT will cut down the time to implement system-monitoring and data collection, enabling a company to move beyond visualisation and use data to trigger actions in the business processes to create a real digital company.

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Big Data

Integrating big data with your ERP system will help in the collection, processing, and analysis of structured and unstructured data generated by your businesses. The use of this data will create additional insights for your company.

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Machine Learning and A.I.

Machine learning and A.I. offers an organisation a deeper look into their businesses and finds opportunities previously unidentified. This will have immediate benefit in areas like root cause analysis, forecasting, identification of new leads, quality... 

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Intelligent ERP (i-ERP) with Odoo

Intelligent ERP comes with a mix of artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain technology, massive data sets, a focus on user experience, cloud and the Internet of Things. It enables the next level of ERP systems.

Why work with Safecoms in IIOT

We focus on creating workflow automation and business intelligence in ERP, utilizing the technical components of the IoT Tech Stack


We take an agile “full” transformation approach, utilizing a clear value creation roadmap and integration in the existing workflow

We are fully committed to the Open Source Software movement and we focus on maximizing the use of qualitative Open Source resources, avoiding lock-in and securing low-cost sustainability and expandability​

We follow a Fit-to-Business strategy that aligns with your approach for creating a competitive advantage