The wait is over...
We launch our new logo
9 May, 2018 by
The wait is over...
SafeComs, Dominik Heller

As we announced at the beginning of the year,

we can proudly display our new logo, the colorful rhino.
It is now officially in use. It will soon populate all our communications, and replace our blue keyhole, our trademark of 15 years.

Nevertheless, standstill is not our policy, and an expressive way to communicate this is to adjust the company's brand to
current times. This is an important step for us, to evolve and
express changes, venture into new fields and embrace new technologies while maintaining our strong sense of protection, reliability, and commitment to our Customers.  

We were looking for an attractive Image, that speaks for strength, reliability and is more contemporary at the same time, I believe we have a keeper.

Odoo text and image block

Please understand that we are going through this process as an evolution, and we will progressively replace the keyhole logo with our colorful critter, and as such we appreciate your patience for the next month while we are updating our identity on all our documents.

What do you think about it? Click on the button below to tell us your thoughts!

What is your opinion? 

Odoo text and image block

The old logo served us for 15 years

The wait is over...
SafeComs, Dominik Heller 9 May, 2018
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