Rebranding of SafeComs
Design a new logo
28 January, 2018 by
Rebranding of SafeComs
SafeComs HQ, Bernard Collin
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We decided to rebrand our image and re-create a new logo that would combine a few ideas:

  • A feeling of Power, Strength, Reliability, Security

  • An image that would be more modern, with a nice attractive look

  • We wanted to come out of the traditional look of security companies and appear more daring and less traditional

  • From day one, the Rhino has been the mascot in our brochure but it was abandoned a few years ago, we felt it would be nice to reintroduce it

  • A multifaceted company with expertise in Security, Database and Software development, represented by the many facettes of the colorful rhino.








Rebranding of SafeComs
SafeComs HQ, Bernard Collin 28 January, 2018
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