Odoo 14 is out!
A new Website Builder, added IoT functionalities, Business Intelligence and more.
9 October, 2020 by
Odoo 14 is out!
SafeComs HQ, Jurgen Thoelen

Odoo 14 was just released and as an established Odoo partner for South East Asia, Safecoms is proud to present you some highlights of the most beautiful and intelligent version of Odoo to date. Here we will just focus on some of the main changes but those interested in all the new features can read the Odoo release note.  


The focus was given on the integration of more business intelligence, a brand-new Website Builder, expansion of the IoT capabilities, a Stock/MRP refactoring, and more. All the while, of course, improving Odoo’s overall usability. With these changes, we are confident to state that Odoo 14 is the software your business needs to grow faster. 

A new Website Builder 


In this release, the Website Builder underwent massive changes. Odoo redesigned the builder to make it more intuitive, with more options, customizations and widgets to help you design better pages. 

The blog interface was made more user-friendly. New options are also available to make sure your writings are unique. To help you improve your SEO score Odoo also focused on the Promote feature to make it possible to customize your URLs and share them across the Internet. 


There is now also a connection to the Google Search Console, so you can optimize your website to have the best possible position in the search engine.


Make optimal use of the Business Intelligence Tool to work faster and more efficient 


With Odoo 14 you can easily create comprehensive reports of your revenues and sales teams’ commissions. You can also apply filters and still keep the reports up-to-date real-time via an intuitive tool. Any new leads won, or new sales closed, will be automatically added to the reports. Just refresh your page and you create visibility via the Business Intelligence tool. The feature is also fully integrated with all other Odoo apps. 

Within Odoo 14, you can also use a fully operational and revolutionary data cleaning app. This app will help you detect and fix/remove incorrect, duplicate, or incomplete data. To do so, the Odoo Data Cleaning app introduces field cleaning and deduplication strategies. You set up your cleaning and deduplication rules, and Odoo will suggest all the changes and merges you can process to have a database empty of useless or outdated data. 



The IoT capability in Odoo has been extended in version 14. Odoo IoT is now compatible with Raspberry Pi 4. When delivery packages are connected to a scale the info can be directly uploaded in Odoo. Also, the automatic printing of shipping labels is a standard capability. 

Next to this, the number of devices that have standard interfaces with Odoo has been expanded and others can be integrated on-demand. This basically makes the possibilities for different IoT use cases limitless. And as always, the IoT feature is fully integrated with all other Odoo Apps. 


New and Improved Menus for Inventory & MRP 


As Manufacturing is one of the focus areas in Safecoms we are especially pleased with the changes in this part of Odoo. Specifically the improvements in the visual aspects of the MRP and Inventory apps. Several menus have been added or moved to a more suitable position to offer a better vision of all the process’ actions. 


For example, the routing information is now included in the bill of materials. This decreases the number of pages to load in order to access the operation needed to proceed. The same goes for Batch Transfers. You can now see the detailed operations for each transfer without having to click on it. Product availability has also improved visually, showing which products are available or not. And, by clicking on the “availability” option, you can now access the forecasted report of each product used in the MO. 

Transfer statuses and scheduled dates also got a significant update. Both are displayed with colours to make the reading clearer and catch workers’ attention on urgent transfers. For example, late transfers are shown in red, so everyone knows it must be done first. 

Last but not least, manufacturing orders went through a lot of changes, too. Landed costs can now be applied to MOs, and the link between parent and child MOs can be shown. The scope of flexible consumption has also been increased, which updates MOs and consuming components that weren’t part of the initial BOM.  

Mobile Point of Sale 


There is a growing demand for a mobile interface for PoS so Odoo Point of Sale is now 100% mobile-friendly. This improvement comes with the requested feature of modifying a PoS' configuration while a session is open. 


Other upgrades are the availability of the product configurator in PoS, the ability for cash rounding and the payment interface has been made clearer when handling several methods. 


An Events App Able to Answer All Possible Needs 


It would be an understatement to say that this year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, has been special. Specifically, the event market had to evolve, as it was forced to reinvent itself. Online Events have become the norm! With its new unique features, Odoo Events is the only solution you need to create and manage events of any kind, from talks to exhibitors and attendees. 


With Odoo 14, create live tracks and broadcast them, via YouTube, with the new Odoo integration. After the talk, assess your attendees with quizzes and create competitions by displaying a leaderboard of the best answers. 

Please get in touch with Safecoms if you want any more information on these exciting, new changes.

Odoo 14 is out!
SafeComs HQ, Jurgen Thoelen 9 October, 2020
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